January 08, 2018
Kendall S

What Makes YOU Feel Powerful? 

My independence. I rely on an amazing tribe of family, friends, and mentors for support, but trusting in my ability to support myself empowers me to tackle challenges - whether they be career or relationship-related (and beyond).

Your go-to healthy snack:

Whenever the office's Snack Bins tempt me, I try to reach for edamame or a banana with peanut butter instead. Emphasis on "try."

What song gets you through the last mile?

ABBA gets me through every Half Marathon. You can laugh, but there's something to losing yourself in the well-memorized lyrics and picturing yourself on the karaoke stage instead of crawling uphill.

You'll never find me without my _______.

Water bottle. Drinking 8+ glasses a day was my New Year's resolution in 2015. It's the only resolution I've actually kept!

Favorite way to break a sweat:

Hiking! For me, it's the best balance of physical challenge and mental therapy.

A Ted Talk that inspired you to think differently:

Sheryl Sandberg's "Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders." I have a sticky note on my desk that reminds me to always keep my hand up. I also think everyone should read her book, Lean In. I was particularly influenced by the following quote: "Careers are not a ladder; they’re a jungle gym. Build your skills, not your résumé. Don’t expect a direct climb."

Advice for keeping up with old friends:

I feel that no amount of technology can replace face-to-face interaction. I try to prioritize travel with and for extended family, high school friends, college roommates, etc. so we never lose genuine connection.

A new trend you want to try: (tech, style, food, etc.)

Meal kit delivery. I need all the help I can get in the kitchen.