Changing the Conversation on Fitness and Empowerment

Aren’t you tired of the constant dialogue swirling around us of people telling women how we need to be? Of pop culture constructing an ideal for female beauty through unrelenting thinspiration. Of politicians trying to tell us what we can or cannot do with our bodies. Well, we are too! Instead of being stifled into conforming we want to have opinions and a loud voice to express them in. We want to be unapologetically ambitious, be a boss, and define our own success! We want to sweat and become strong. And we want to persist in becoming more than just a label – Daughter, Wife, Lover, Mother. We believe that each of us has our own individual journey to make, our stand to take, and our words to speak out loud. And collectively we can stand up taller and speak out louder.


To break the mold of stifling black, white & gray with bold colors and a powerful voice.


For us, when it comes to fitness, no body shape is better than another. Just as no workout is better than another.  Everyone has their own unique body size and their own individual fitness journey. We believe that it’s high time for a paradigm shift in women's fitness from the superficial to empowering goals.


Build strength so that you can defend yourself, lift your kids, boost your metabolism, elevate your endorphins, increase energy during the work day, and get a better night's rest.


Gain self-respect because you are Worth It! Celebrate achieving your health and fitness goals, however small they may be. Be brave, speak up for yourself and do not hesitate to take a stand that is difficult or unpopular if it aligns with your values. 


Exude confidence so that no one is ever able to discourage you from achieving positions of leadership and power. So that you are unapologetically assertive and are never perceived as being weak.

Celebrate your small successes and let your choices, actions and words speak for you. We all have an inner strength far greater than society tells us we do.